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We offer you an opportunity to be directly involved in Armenia’s long–term development.

In 2015 BAF took its first steps toward the long–term goal of developing organic agriculture as a way of improving rural livelihoods. We began our activities by establishing a local organisation and installing fifty–two beehives to produce premium quality honey as well as starting the production of wild–crafted herbal teas and culinary herbs. Consequently, two previously unemployed families are now receiving salaries.

Our activities are located in northwestern Armenia in Ashotsk region of the Shirak Marz at an altitude of 2,000 m, an absolutely pure and wild environment.

You may contribute to the project by supporting a beehive. Your contribution gives you the possibility of sampling our products. You may choose to receive either honey or herbs (or some of both) from this year’s yields up to the value of your investment. For the choice of products consult our catalogue Your contribution will be invested in projects to allow us to grow, thereby offering sources of income to a larger number of people through the production of natural products.

The cost of supporting a beehive is CHF 250–. You also have the option of investing in part of a beehive or more than one: contribute whatever sum you like. You will be given a certificate documenting your contribution.

The cost of the beehive includes:

  • Two–floor linden wood hive with a capacity of 24 bee frames
  • Bee colony of 12 frames
  • Additional empty frames for the birth of bees
  • Beekeeper’s annual salary
  • Maintenance fee
  • Armenian and Swiss quality tests and certification
  • Delivery of your products to Switzerland

Once you have received your products, the beehive will remain the property of the local organization in charge of our projects for further development. charge of our projects for further development.

The expected net annual yield from a hive is an average of 10 kg of premium honey.

You may receive your products in Switzerland or visit the hives in Armenia, discover our magnificent highlands and pick up your products directly from our beekeepers. We look forward to your interest in our projects and will be happy to provide you with further information about our organic agricultural projects.